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5 reasons to take a holiday staying with a 'small' host

A new year dawns, and it's time to plan your holidays for 2017. Anyone coming to South Tyrol (again) this year and wishing to experience it in a close up and personal manner should take a holiday staying with a private host in South Tyrol. Why? You'll find 5 good reasons here:

1. Private and personal: that cosy holiday feeling
When checking in at accommodation with a private host in South Tyrol, you'll be making contact with real South Tyroleans. This means enjoying a welcome chat when you arrive, followed by personal encounters which make the difference between a ready-made holiday and one that comes from the heart.

2. Freedom on holiday
Time spent with a private host in South Tyrol is your own time. Free time that is yours to do what you want with. For there are no set mealtimes in private accommodation! The day is your own – for relaxing, indulging and enjoying yourself to the full. This is the way to discover South Tyrol, when and how you like!

3. Real, genuine – typical South Tyrolean!
Life staying with a private host is just like life in the private households of South Tyrol – that's why staying with a 'small' host is probably the most authentic experience there is– it takes you right to the thick of things. The lifes of families in South Tyrol, the hustle and bustle of the village, the daily routine of the hosts. Nowhere else can you immerse yourself in South Tyrolean culture and tradition like when staying with a private host. Each one of them is different and typical in their own way. Simply South Tyrolean.

4. From South Tyroleans to experiencing South Tyrol
Hiking, excursions, shopping trips – no matter what you've got planned for your holiday, you'll get the best tips first hand from your private host. After all, who can be better qualified to tell you where to find the most exciting things to see, buy and eat than the down-to-earth South Tyroleans themselves.

5. Holiday values: getting the best for your money
Of course, price plays an important role when choosing a holiday. In the end, no one wants to pay over the odds. But you can rest assured that you'll rarely find such a good deal as the one offered by private hosts. This is one of the advantages of staying with a private host. An authentic experience – in all areas!

Anyone catching themselves forging plans for their next holiday in South Tyrol can take a look at our website to get input for their choice of holiday region. There are private hosts scattered all over South Tyrol and everyone will find something in their personal favourite region!
You can start searching for the private host that caters perfectly for your needs and tastes here: