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It's worth staying with a 'small' host at Easter

Every year it comes round again. No, we're not talking about Christmas, but still about new life and awakening. The resurgence of nature, life and Jesus Christ. Easter is nearly upon us!

When crocuses and snowdrops follow Jesus' example and rise up and strive for heaven, the result is a real festival of colour! Cause for a holiday in South Tyrol – were you thinking the same thing? Read about why you'd be making the right decision here!


Easter is not just associated with colourful eggs and chocolate bunnies in South Tyrol, but with lots of old culture. The best way to experience this is to mingle with the locals. It's supposed to be a genuine, natural experience. And friendly and festive. Custom and traditions at first hand staying at private hosts in South Tyrol. Witness Easter as it is celebrated in South Tyrol. Egg painting and tapping included!

Blossoming freedom

Easter and spring are inseparable. For where can grown-ups hide Easter eggs and little ones search for them better than beneath a canopy of flowers in the flower bed? Looking for and finding surprises in the gardens of private hosts. Following the footsteps of the Easter bunny. Nowhere else are there such pretty flowers as in the lovingly-tended gardens of the villages and towns of South Tyrol.

Tasty surroundings

Easter eggs taste best when they're fetched straight from the chicken coop! And fresh, regional asparagus are the highlight of a meal. Easter ham tastes farm-fresh and the white wine was hanging as grapes from the vine in front of the door just a year ago. Yes, this is what a traditional Easter meal looks like in South Tyrol in private households as well as in restaurants and inns – a festive meal made up of what the local area has to offer!

Easter adventures
Those staying with a private host will be able to glean some excellent ideas for great Easter excursions from them. High up on mountain pastures or amidst a sea of apple blossom, heading up in search of some snow or looking for a foretaste of summer – there's a bit of adventure to be found as well as enjoyment and festive celebrations. After all, a holiday in South Tyrol is a mixture of all three. And no one is more in the know than the locals themselves.

Thanks be to God

Easter is not just celebrated with colourful goodies, but at the Easter church service too. The villagers gather punctually every year to give thanks for Christ's resurrection in the church, at the Easter mass. Giving thanks in prayer is what Easter is about. Thanks for the resurrection, the awakening. Of nature, life and Christ.

Spending Easter in South Tyrol is done best WITH South Tyrol. This may best be arranged with a private host. The Easter bunny will provide culture first hand!