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10 must-dos for springtime in Meran

Spring has sprung! Pale-pink apple blossom embraces Meran with its scents, while humming and twittering sounds are everywhere to be heard. And, what with the urge to explore and the joys of spring, it can be difficult when on holiday to choose between culture, nature or leisure. So below we have listed the ten absolute must-dos for spring in Meran!

Number 1: Rushing water, tasty ice

The Passer promenade – a place where springtime dreams come true! Stroll along past brightly-coloured, fragrant flower beds and the waters of the river, with just an ice-cream needed to complete the picture – and there's no end of choice in the promenade's numerous cafés and ice-cream parlours!

Number 2: A majestic walk in the park

Early season visitors to Meran and environs should head for the castle park where the Empress Sissi was accustomed to stroll – the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are a must, as nowhere else in South Tyrol can be found such a fragrant, colourful and rich variety of flowers. Perfect for a bout of spring fever!

Number 3: Shopping and city hopping

A quick shopping tour is a must for every holiday! Fortunately this is a simple matter in Meran and environs, especially in the spring: shopping in the boutiques, designer shops or fashion houses along the "Lauben" (arcades) is especially recommended in the spa town, but even the large village – or small town – of Lana offers its own range of stylish fashion outlets, while the Meran market offers high-quality, homemade specialities from the surrounding villages, as do the farmers' markets in the surrounding areas.

Number 4: Gathering herbs, walking through the meadows

Those who decide to head for the hills and go walking will soon reach the vivid Alpine meadows of the Tschögglberg, the Vigiljoch or the Texel Group nature park. The rustic Schnals Valley or the traditional Passeier Valley also offer wonderful mountain air, airy heights and a range of wild herbs to gather. Or perhaps just pick some flowers as a gift – a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled!

Number 5: Enjoy a culinary excursion

Restaurant tables and chairs await you on the terraces, umbrellas are set up, the weather is fine. It all calls for a culinary excursion: when you are eating outdoors, with views of the mountains and apple-orchards, South Tyrolean food tastes even better!

Number 6: Walks surrounded by apple blossom

While we are on the subject of views of apple-orchards, springtime is of course when the apple trees bloom, producing a pale-pink sea of fragrant apple blossom, through which you are welcome to wander. Simply pack your rucksack, set off and feel free!

Number 7: Walking AND learning

A walk along the Passer promenade leads to the Gilf promenade at its northern end: a flower-bedecked trail that runs above Meran then joins the Tappeiner trail. A vast range of plants thrives on both sides, all clearly marked – well worth a springtime walk!

Number 8: Fun up at the hut

Meran and its environs boast a number of Alpine huts where your hosts will treat you to tasty and traditional South Tyrolean mountain fare - an absolute must after an enjoyable hike! The terrace or the surrounding meadows are also ideal for a snooze afterwards: perfect relaxation in the mountains!

Number 9: The Waalwege – ancient irrigation channels

The area around Meran is famous for its Waalwege - paths that lead alongside ancient man-made waterways. The Marling Waalweg is particularly popular, but such paths can be found in Riffian, Schenna and Algund too. The perfect "way" to explore the landscape!

Number 10: Do what's best for you!

There is no doubt that springtime in Meran and environs can offer something for everyone! At südtirol privat we recommend that you do exactly what's best for you. Walking the Waalwege or going shopping - it doesn't matter. Spring in Meran is always a beautiful time of year, wherever you are - especially if you are staying with one of the private landlords.